Our mission is simple 

We transform your land, adding value to your property, all while meeting your budget and schedule.

We remove your trees and bushes to give you more usable space on your property and use mulch to promote healthy soil.

Service-by-service breakdown 

Brush Cutting

Brush cutting removes all growth to about four inches from the ground. Bushes, shrubs, and grasses are cut back, while maintaining roots systems for plant survival. Brush cutting along the sides of roadways, including ditches, improves visibility and helps to maintain a fire barrier. Overgrowth also tends to occur in parks, fields, and large yards, and can decrease the useable area considerably. Brush cutting maintains the intended use space without damaging the natural surroundings. 

Root Grinding

Roots that are exposed above the ground can be dangerous. In addition to being a tripping hazard, they can damage mowers, which may cause injuries. They also prevent alternative landscaping, like the addition of a flower or vegetable garden. Whether they appear on a walking trail, park, sports field, or in a yard, we can grind the roots down, slightly below grade, to ensure a level surface.


Organic mulch is beneficial to plants, providing soil nutrients, helping to maintain moisture, and aiding in the prevention of weed growth. Since organic mulch is made from shredded trees and scrubs, our mulching service is really two services in one; the removal of brush cutting debris and the provision of fresh mulch.

Decide for yourself

Brush removal is simple if done right the first time…

But you need to understand one thing:

Unprofessional and overpriced contractors will burn a hole in your wallet.

  • Inefficient and ineffective practices cost you extra time and money 
  • Underground cables, water, and gas lines are easily damaged by heavy machines
  • Surrounding structures like power lines and buildings are also at risk of damage

And worst of all:

  • You might have to hire a second contractor to finish what they started and clean up the mess!

And that’s exactly what happened recently with a client.

We were called to clean up the disaster that had been left by the first guys he called.

I think you can agree you don’t want to walk a mile in those shoes.

Nobody likes burning money.

Jolene is a homeowner in Mission, BC and has used our services for multiple projects on her property.

She is now overseeing the building of a house for her parents, made possible by our land clearing.

My favourite part of the review Jolene gave was when she said “Neil likes to save us money.”

That’s only possible because owner and project-lead Neil Smith has spent 52 years building his expertise in this industry.

52 years of learning which situations call for which machines, what type of people are best suited to be on his team…

And on and on…

It becomes a science. An art, even.

That’s what enables him to provide tonnes of value for his clients. No matter the scale of the project.

If you’ve got a piece of land you’re looking to have transformed, you’re in the right place.

Whether your a homeowner or a city contractor; From stump removal to land levelling—and everything in between:

Call now to get more information and a free estimate on your project!

Owner Neil Smith has operated in this industry for 52 years, starting two very successful companies from scratch.

He’s tackled a wide range of projects of varying difficulty — from highway construction and pipeline work with huge teams — to simple backyard pool installations and land clearing for farms.

And now for the best part:

You might think that all that expertise would be expensive to hire — but over that 52 years he’s learned how to effectively provide value for both parties involved, him and his clients.

Have you ever heard that mastery requires 10,000 hours?

Well, 52 years of 40-hour work weeks means he’s put in over 100,000 hours.

That’s ten times the amount required to master effective excavating for his clients.

And to think that other excavating contractors are charging much more for work that provides much less value…

You give Neil a call and setup a time when he can come give you an estimate.

And he can answer literally any question you could think of…

And he will take care of the rest!

He will assess which machines will be most appropriate for your needs, determine the most effective methods, decide which team members will be most effective, etc…….

All the boring details are handled so that you can sit back and watch the land transform!

I don’t need to know anything else about you to know you don’t like to waste time or money.

If you need to know more, I can guarantee Neil with have the answers to your questions.

So put yourself in good hands, and give us a call today.