Brush Cutting, Root Grinding, and Mulching

Maintain safe roads and trails, remove fire hazards, and regain usable outdoor space with our brush cutting and maintenance services.

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Brush Cutting, Root Grinding, and Mulching 

While you want to enjoy the surrounding natural environment, overgrowth can impair your safe use of outdoor space. Our services remove hazards like overgrowth and raised tree roots, giving you more useable space.

Brush Cutting

Brush cutting removes all growth to about four inches from the ground. Bushes, shrubs, and grasses are cut back, while maintaining roots systems for plant survival. Brush cutting along the sides of roadways, including ditches, improves visibility and helps to maintain a fire barrier. Overgrowth also tends to occur in parks, fields, and large yards, and can decrease the useable area considerably. Brush cutting maintains the intended use space without damaging the natural surroundings. 

Root Grinding

Roots that are exposed above the ground can be dangerous. In addition to being a tripping hazard, they can damage mowers, which may cause injuries. They also prevent alternative landscaping, like the addition of a flower or vegetable garden. Whether they appear on a walking trail, park, sports field, or in a yard, we can grind the roots down, slightly below grade, to ensure a level surface.


Organic mulch is beneficial to plants, providing soil nutrients, helping to maintain moisture, and aiding in the prevention of weed growth. Since organic mulch is made from shredded trees and scrubs, our mulching service is really two services in one; the removal of brush cutting debris and the provision of fresh mulch.

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