Excavation Contractors

Using heavy machinery, an excavation contractor digs, moves, and grades the earth for various construction projects. They lay the project's groundwork by turning an abandoned lot, empty field or existing building into a busy construction site.

Excavation Contractors and Services

Excavation is the initial step of any construction project by digging the foundation and utility lines. However, excavation involves more than digging holes and moving dirt around. Excavation and foundation contractors play a significant role in the success of a construction project.

Our Peden team includes experts in all of the following important aspects of excavation. 


Planning, research, and site preparation, are all essential start up activities. Understanding the goals for the site, finding out about zoning restrictions, testing the soil, and surveying, are some of the tasks we may complete before the equipment arrives.

Ensuring Ground Integrity

Compacted soil, rocks, and plant roots are what gives the ground its sturdiness. In addition, different ground composition responds differently to disturbance. Peden Industries’ professionals have the training and experience to create a solid foundation that also minimizes soil erosion.

Dealing with Utility Lines and Pipes

Avoiding existing utility lines and pipes is critical during excavation, as is digging trenches precisely for new installations. As experienced excavators, we know that the location of underground utilities is not always exact, and take special care to ensure no damage is done. We are equally careful with the installation of water and sewer lines.

Pool Excavation

In addition to other factors, excavation for a pool at an existing home requires care to minimize disturbing surrounding trees and other landscaping. The Peden team will carefully plan access routes to avoid damaging any features in your yard.

Basement Excavation

Excavating under a home to repair the foundation or add a basement requires expertise to ensure the house is properly supported. The structure needs to stay level and the building’s weight equally distributed to avoid damage. Peden Industries has considerable experience with a variety of basement excavation projects and our team is trained to pay close attention to the smallest of details with this precision work.